Micro Vice

Easily adjust & hold all kind of samples with the Micro Vice for analysis with FTIR- and Raman microscopes, stereoscopes & microscopes.

The Micro Vice sample holder provides a unique solution for placing and holding your samples in the desired position under your microscope.

Individually shaped samples, such as minerals, tablets and pills, but also multilayer films, fibers, hair samples can be easily positioned and analyzed in the required position under your microscope.

  • Holds round & unevenly shaped samples
  • Holds & stretches fibers, multi-layer films, hairs by user defined increments
  • Permits tilting of oblique samples
  • Facilitates positioning of samples for examination with Microscopes, Stereoscopes, FTIR- and Raman Microscopes
  • Various models available - Fit on most microscope stages 

Standard sized Micro Vice set on a microscope stage

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